About us…

The combined talents of Shellee Wells & Leslie Snow Webber provide clients with years of experience in both the film and print industries. Both Shellee and Leslie have professional backgrounds not only in production but in creative departments. This wide skill set provides a unique approach to the logistics and special needs of each production.

Our team has created an extensive Location Library, featuring locations on Florida’s West Coast, from beaches to homes, rural to urban our selection of locations are endless. Our production experience has also led us to many locations around the US Caribbean and Mexico to name a few. We also have a wide variety of locations in the Chicago and surrounding areas. With our knowledge and experience outside of Florida we can scout and take your production where ever you want to go.

Meet the Founders

Leslie Snow Webber

Leslie has years of experience working in both still photography as well as film. Leslie is a graduate from FIT.NY in fashion design and has established herself as a wardrobe, prop and product stylist as well as a location scout. With this experience she brings a creative eye with each production. Leslie has also had the opportunity to build a vast location library that is now available to you!

Shellee Wells

Shellee is a well traveled print producer having worked globally for an international magazine. Through her years of working on various productions she has established prime location contacts worldwide. She has worked as a production designer, set designer, print producer, and location scout. Shellee has settled on Florida’s Gulf Coast and brings with her years of experience and creativity. Knowing how important the location is to your project she brings her knowledge to scout and provide you the perfect location.

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